Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Records Keep on Giving

The Glasgow Research Tour is halfway through their week! How can that be? 

The group have had two full days of research in the Glasgow City Archives, the Family History Centre or in the Mitchell's Special Collections Department. We have been in awe and are so amazed at the remarkable history and memories that the Glasgow City Archives have been able to preserve and share. Ancestor have been found, stories uncovered and life has been breathed into the lives of our ancestors. So much of the understanding comes from understanding their life circumstances as well. 

The Glasgow Group have also visited and consulted the collections of the Glasgow University Archives. Photos have been uncovered, death and burial records consulted and again we have been amazed at the sheer wealth of original records available for genealogy research. 


From here we have time at the Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society and then a final day at the Mitchell. 

Friendships have been cemented. Research has been shared. Ancestral streets, homes, churches and neighbourhoods have been visited. And best of all, we have all reconnected with our own Scottish roots. 

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