Thursday, 16 May 2019


Wednesday, another tour participant and I spent a fabulous day in Dunfermline. We headed off in the rental car and were quickly frustrated by the satnav which kept resetting when recalculating the route. 

We finally made it to Dunfermline and went to visit the Abbey. We visited the old Abbey and Nave 

then went to find the door to the new Abbey. We ran into a gentleman in the kirkyard who gave us a wonderful rendition of William Wallace and his mother, showed us William Wallace's mother's grave and suggested we speak to 'Willie' once we were inside the Abbey. 

When we entered the Abbey, it was morning prayers. Then we found 'Willie' What an absolute delight he turned out to be! Not only did he give us a guided tour, but shared a number of stories that had us in stitches. The tour lasted at least 90 minutes and was worth every second of it. 

After leaving Willie, we wandered over to the Carnegie Museum. We toured the cottage where Andrew Carnegie had been born and raised, and where his father worked as a weaver. 

Then we toured the museum that showcased Carnegie's life in America, his business ventures and his philanthropy. 

After we were finished at the museum, we discovered that both of us are geographically challenged as we wandered aimlessly around the town looking for the car park we had left the car in. In the process we encountered another local who was quite friendly. 

Dunfermline has a deep history, and the most hospitable folk. It made for a fantastic day out and wonderful memories of our time in Scotland. 

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