Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Rosslyn Chapel, South Queensferry and Lallybroch

On Monday, some tour participants continued with their research. others went sight seeing and a group of us joined Ian Walker of Borders Journeys to take a bespoke tour. 

Our first stop was historic Rosslyn Chapel. Ian gave the group a guided tour of the outside of the Chapel while an on-site guide gave a tour of the inside of the Chapel. 

From Rosslyn, we headed down to South Queensferry for lunch in the historic Hawes Inn. This was followed by a wee wander along the shore to see the bridges. 

From South Queensferry, Ian drove us to Hopetoun Estate, owned by the Marquis of Linlithgow, where we were able to get access to the private grounds where MidHope Castle stands. MidHope was used as the setting for Lallybroch in the tv series Outlander. Lallybroch was the family home of Jamie Fraser. 

After leaving MidHope, we took a wee jaunt to Abercorn Cemetery, also on the Hopetoun Estate. Here we had a lovely time wandering around the old cemetery. Of course, no one had any connection to the cemetery or anyone interred within, but that never matters to genealogists!

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