Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Another Very Successful Genealogy Tour to Scotland Comes to An End

After 10 very busy days the May 2016 Genealogy Research Tour to Scotland has come to an end. This has been an amazing journey with participants being able to access court records, school records, voters rolls, maps and plans, estate rent rolls, estate clearance lists and so very much more. 

Everyone has managed to find something of value and access dozens of statutory and old parish registers. Other have reams of documents to take back with them. Participants were able to visit their ancestral villages, towns and cities. They visited cemeteries and graves of their ancestors. All of them have a much deeper sense of connection to their Scottish ancestors and to their ancestral homeland.

Participants particularly enjoyed the evening historic tours of Greyfriars kirkyard and the Old Town. They were in awe at how much of Scotland's history took place on the very streets they were standing on. 

Our time together wound up last night with a dinner and show at historic Prestonfield stables. This is always such a great way to end the tours as participants get to indulge in their Scottish-ness, taste haggis, enjoy bagpipes, see Scottish dancers and sing along with some old favourites. 

I am looking forward to sharing the journey with September's tour participants. September is sold out. Glasgow 2017 is sold out and May 2017 is very close to selling out. If you are interested in joining a genealogy research tour to Scotland, you can claim one of the three remaining spaces by booking here:

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  1. Congratulations on a highly successful visit and strengthening ancestral ties for participants. I'm sorry to have missed you, but perhaps can meet up in September.