Monday, 25 June 2012

Stone Masons - True Artists

While I have always enjoyed the old buildings in Scotland, I was particularly taken this trip with the sheer artistry of the stone masons.

Note the detail in the lace of Queen Victoria’s dress on this statue atop the
Doulton Fountain in Glasgow Green

 More of the artistry around the Doulton Fountain - a tribute to the British Commonwealth

 Representing Canada

Street lamp on the Mound in Edinburgh

Forecourt fountain at Holyrood Palace

Knotted rope around window at Wallace Monument

Ceiling of the old Abbey at Holyrood Palace

Jenners Department Store in Edinburgh

Unfortunately with the more common use of cinderblocks, poured or pre-moulded cement or even glass and steel, these artisans have become an extinct breed. However, their legacy lives on in the monuments that they have created. 


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