Friday, 22 November 2019

Give Yourself the Gift of Learning

St Andrew's Day is just over a week away. We are five weeks away from Christmas and before you know it, it will be a new year and a new decade. 

Burn's birthday is January 25th and that means the annual Scottish ViC. 

We have a great line up of presentations. Presentations not offered outside of Scotland. Presentations that I wanted to be able to bring to a wider audience, which is why I started the ViC. 

In ViC 2020, we take an in-depth look at Prison and Asylum records and learn of the minutia of detail that they contain about the people in the records. Hair colour, eye colour, height, scars, tattoos

We look at records that will help you to learn about the death of your ancestors - and this goes well beyond the death registers and monumental inscriptions. A wide array of records can be consulted to assist with finding this information for your ancestors. 

We look at the rich detail contained in wills and testaments, the legal process of probating a will and the records generated as a result. 

We learn about Scotland's relationship to the Caribbean Slave trade - not a pleasant part of Scotland's history, but an important part to understand. Yes, you might even have ancestors of Scottish descent in the Caribbean.

We take a look at how best to search for your ancestors in the Scottish newspapers and the rich detail that can be gleaned from them. Like maps, newspapers are a huge rabbit hole and learning how to focus our time and attention will make for better success. Ok, who are we kidding, everyone's story in newspapers is worthy of a read - even people who have no relationship to us. 

We will look at the reasons Scots left their homeland and emigrated to Canada. We will learn about the emigration societies, their purpose, how land was parcelled and how our Scottish ancestors fared once they arrived in Canada. And we will learn of the more enterprising Scots who came after the initial settlers and how they made their mark. 

Access to the presentations will be open until February 25th to allow you time to revisit them at your leisure and on your schedule. 

All presenters will be available LIVE and in person in the closed Facebook group for ViC registrants. They will be available immediately following their presentations on January 25th. 

Give yourself the gift of learning. REGISTER HERE

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