Monday, 14 May 2018

A Weekend Away

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy about my time in Scotland is the opportunity to see new parts of the country. This year, I chose Aberdeen, Stonehaven and Culross. 

I was up and away early Saturday morning and headed off to Aberdeen. En route, I saw the signs for Glamis and decided to detour to see the castle. 

Glamis Castle, childhood home of the Queen Mother
and birthplace of Princess Margaret, the first Royal
baby to be born in Scotland in over 300 years

This part of the Castle is still a private residence for
Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne

The old sundial
As with most castles and manor houses, if you have seen one, you have essentially seen them all. I was there just after opening time and decided to take the tour. The tour takes just over an hour, but self guided or self guided with audio could be done far more quickly. There was a lot of down time while we waited for people to wander aimlessly around each room waiting for the guide to move us forward. Part of the Castle is still a private residence so photos are not allowed inside. 

From Glamis, it was straight to Aberdeen. Aberdeen is like any big city. Add to that the fact that it is also a busy, bustling sea port. I particularly enjoyed the Maritime Museum, a free museum that explores the history of Aberdeen and its connection to the sea. 

Deckhouse, used for relaxation or as sleeping quarters for the crew

Recreated home of a shipbuilder

Rattray Head lighthouse

Two of the boards denoting donations made to poor seamen

From Aberdeen, I headed back down to Stonehaven. A beautiful wee place on a sheltered bay. The B&B is right on the sea. 

I took a walk to the shorehead and enjoyed a lovely meal at the Ship Inn. There are a number of historical plaques along the way to share the history of the town. 

From the Shorehead, I took the boardwalk back along the bay. There are a number of 
metallic sculptures dotting the shore line. They are the creation of a local artist. 

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