Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Greyfriar's Kirk

On Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to meet up with a couple of genealogy colleagues and take a wander around Greyfriar's Kirk. 

The Kirk plays an important role in the history of Edinburgh and in the history of Scotland. It was here, in 1638, that the National Covenant was signed. A copy of the covenant is on display on the inside of the Kirk's museum. The museum also has covenanting swords used by minister Robert Traill and James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose. The museum also has the New Testament that Robert Traill used to preach from and a bible belonging to Covenanter Alexander Peden. Other items of interest on display are communion tokens and a King James bible from 1637.

 1637 King James Version Bible

 Bible of Alexander Peden, Covenanter

 New Testament belonging to Robert Traill

Covenanting Swords

Within the Kirk proper are beautiful stained glass windows, a wonderful organ and a replica of the repentance stool that would have been used frequently in the time of our ancestors. 

replica of the repentance stool

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