Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Bloody MacKenzie

Tomb of George "Bloody" MacKenzie. MacKenzie was Lord Advocate and member of the Privy Council of Scotland. He was charged with persecution of those opposed to Charles II and as such was notorious for rounding up, imprisoning and or executi...ng the Covenanters. He threw them in a mock jail on the grounds of Greyfriars Kirkyard. It was open to the elements. The prisoners were routinely beaten, starved and many died of starvation or exposure, all at the say-so of MacKenzie. Due to his nasty treatment of the Covenanter Prisoners, he was given the nick name of "Bloody MacKenzie" In a twist of irony, his mausoleum/tomb is adjacent to the prison he ruled with an iron fist. It is said that his ghost is unsettled at this juxtapostion and so he regularly roams the graveyard as a poltergeist.

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