Thursday, 13 March 2014

2015 Tour Dates Have Been Set

The spring genealogy research tour in Edinburgh has been scheduled for April 19 - 28, 2015. Please note that this tour will include the opportunity to take part in the annual Scottish Family History Societies Conference, being held in Stirling on April 25th.

This will lessen the time available to you to travel to the part of Scotland where your ancestors lived, so you may wish to stay in Scotland beyond the research tour in order to get to your ancestral home area. You will benefit more from this visit once you have completed your research, so plan to stay longer rather than arrive earlier.

Conference fees will be covered in the Tour fees, but transportation to Stirling will be an additional, nominal charge, payable on the day.

The 2015 tour is already booking up and space is limited in order to maximize the research experience. If you would like to join us in Edinburgh to research your family history onsite, and gain access to records not available online, visit the website at:
to reserve your place on the tour.

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