Monday, 8 July 2013

yDNA Results Are In

The yDNA results for my maternal line are in. I had never really been all that interested given I know I am Scottish. And, truthfully, I was always a wee bit fearful that our DNA would come back as being the recipe for single malt scotch! However, after learning a bit more about genetic DNA, I decided maybe it was worth looking into. I started with the male yDNA tests. This follows the male DNA back through men of the same surname. So, Harry’s sons will share some of Harry’s DNA. Harry will have shared some of Hugh’s DNA. Hugh would have shared some of Thomas’ DNA etc. back as far as likely Adam and Eve if we had Adam’s DNA. This doesn’t work for Harry’s daughters who have sons as they will trace their father’s side of the yDNA patterns.

Part of my interest is in migration patterns. Where did we come from to arrive in Scotland? Given Scotland’s history, one would expect, perhaps, to see Roman, Norse or even French origins. But in our case, that isn’t so. Our ancestral origins can be traced, through DNA, to the Baltics. And in particular to Kosovo. It is quite likely, however, that the early Crawfords (who obviously weren’t known as Crawford) migrated through Italy and that we would be part of the Roman heritage of Scotland. More research to be done to gain a fuller understanding, but certainly the ancestral geography wasn’t what I had anticipated!


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