Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Media Dinner

Last night was the long awaited Media Dinner. This is a dinner where Ambassadors get to learn about the week ahead. And when we get to socialize with other Ambassadors. It is always a treat. 

Presentation is everything. But not everything on the plate is edible. Like the orchid, for instance. My tablemate, Dan Earl found that out the hard way. Oh my!

Some statistics for the week: 

13,000 paid registrations
All 50 states are represented by attendees
37 countries are represented by attendees

The goal is customer satisfaction. There are ASK staff in blue shirts throughout the venue to offer help, guidance and directions. There are RootsTech Crew members in bright pink shirts throughout the venue too to assist with anything you might need help with. There is wifi, there are 415 computers and there are lots of places to sit and chat or sit and research. 

Let's DO this!

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