Thursday, 1 March 2018

Why Oh WHY Am I #NotatRootsTech?

Why? am I #NotatRootsTech? Ok, ok, life circumstances truly didn't allow for me to go this year. But...but... the photos, posts and videos are making me terribly homesick. I so desperately want to be with my people. #RootsTech is a family reunion for genealogists. An annual gathering. A chance to get caught up with each other, to plan new ventures, to CONNECT. 

I am doing my best to enjoy the conference remotely. I am trying to be happy with the ability to be part of the conference from home, in my comfy pajamas. Although I know that if I was in Salt Lake and showed up in my pajamas, my people would accept me the way I am. Heck, I might even start a trend! 

I have been glued to my laptop watching the live stream talks and that is a great way to learn. I am truly grateful for my colleagues who are there and who are sharing their pictures, thoughts, posts and tweets. For the rest of us who are #NotatRootsTech, here is today's line up of talks: I am looking forward to the learning being offered. I hope you are too!

ps: I already have my hotel booked for next year....just 365 sleeps to go...

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