Thursday, 18 January 2018

Limited Cabin Space for International Travelers

We have had a great deal of interest in the Celtic Genealogy Cruise and already have some bookings. We are delighted with the interest, but wanted to share some limitations to help you as you ponder and plan for the cruise.

We have secured a block of cabins and the cruise line has given us a group discount. As stated previously, once those cabins sell out, any additional cabins will be at the current market rate at the time we ask for the additional rooms. We are not there yet, so no need to panic.

However, we have a small number of cabins specifically for Canadian travelers that are offered in Canadian dollars. Once those are gone, they are gone.

We also were able to secure 5 cabins for international travelers - those from outside of North America. Once those go we can not get any more this year and international travelers will need to wait until 2020 to join the cruise. We have taken a booking for one of the international cabins and have one person who is considering booking an international cabin. At this moment, we have 4 cabins left for anyone from Australia, New Zealand, Europe or other countries who wish to join the 2019 Celtic Genealogy Cruise. If you are from one of those countries, you may wish to kick your planning up a notch so as not to miss out.

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