Sunday, 9 October 2016

In the News

The British Newspaper Archives ( not only have national newspapers, but also local smaller newspapers. These are a great resource for:

  • Birth announcements: these give names of the parents as well as maiden name of mother. They often will include other family members as well such as grandparents
  • Engagement/Marriage announcements: these give names of each partner as well as parents for each person. In the older newspapers, details about the bride's dress, her bridal party and names of the groomsmen are also written about
  • Social Notices: these are fantastic sources of detailed information. It can be about a child's birthday party, a card party, who is visiting from out of town...the possibilities are endless and the read is often quite informative
  • Death announcements/Obituaries/Funeral notices: don't overlook the detail provided in these. Not only are family members listed, but pay attention to the name of the funeral home. If it still exists, chances are you can contact them and get details about the burial, the plot/lair which includes who paid for it and who else might be buried alongside your ancestor (spouse, children, parents)
  • Financial notices (bankruptcies, estate notices, creditor notices): although these often signal a sad time for your ancestors, they can provide important information regarding the lives of your ancestors
  • Police/Court/Criminal or Justice notices: another treasure trove not only for genealogical information but also for family history information. These notices are the spice of life when it comes to putting the story of your ancestors together.
  • Reports of Accidents or other injury: again, while not a pleasant find, the information can be invaluable in understanding the events leading up to the accident or death and often will include information regarding witnesses, family members, addresses and other salient details

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  1. I agree about the value of the newspaper archive. I also found it useful for tracing the movements of my grandfather's ship between Scotland and Ireland. The local papers carried details of ships arriving and leaving.