Wednesday, 28 September 2016

New ScotlandsPeople Website

The long anticipated website switch-over at ScotlandsPeople has finally launched!

Here are the added changes:

  • The look and ease of use
  • You now sign in with your email address rather than a username
  • Credits, while still purchased in bundles of 30 are now £7.50 instead of £7. Given that there has not been an increase in several years, this increase is minimal
  • You no longer need to spend credits to view the indexes. Index returns used to be 25 per page and each page was one credit to view. All returns are now simply in a list and the list is free to view. 
  • Images now cost 6 credits instead of 5. But remember that there is no longer a charge to view the indexes so you are still paying the same, and in some cases, less since you might have needed more than one page of the index previously
  • ALL church records are now included, not just the Established Church of Scotland, so those ancestors you might not have been able to find before may well be online now. 

Here's what has stayed the same:

  • Any unused credits are still available
  • All saved images are still on your account
  • All previous searches are still on your account

Here's what's coming: 

No word as to when but hopefully by year's end or when the new year releases happen, the un-indexed Kirk Session Records will be available online. These can be searched by Kirk and you will need to scroll through to find the entry for your ancestors. Bear in mind, the surnames are in the left margin, so this will make the scrolling a bit easier - if you don't stop to read all of the Kirk "gossip" as you scroll. 

There will, over time, be more un-indexed records coming online, with Maps and Plans following the Kirk Session Records, then other records currently held by the NRS will be added over time. 

These NRS records will be under a subscription basis (the fees as yet to be determined) since they will be more difficult to find, being un-indexed.

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