Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Book Your Ancestral Trip to Scotland Before the Tour Sells Out

Most of us are at a stage of our lives now where we can focus less on family and work and more on ourselves. To some it has been a long time coming. So, now that time is less of a constraint, why not give yourself the gift of connecting with your ancestral heritage?If you wait, it may be too late!

At Genealogy Tours of Scotland, our ancestral trips tend to sell out 8 months ahead of the scheduled tour. 

If traveling to Scotland to conduct family history research, accessing records not available online and visiting the land of your ancestors is on YOUR bucket list, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity.

 At Genealogy Tours of Scotland, (, we provide you with protected time at the ScotlandsPeople Centre and at the National Library of Scotland. While on the tour, you will receive personal assistance from the archivists in each location.  

In addition to the repository visits, time is available to travel to the area of Scotland where your ancestors lived. I provide connections to ancestral tour companies, run by genealogists in Scotland, who will give you a personalised tour of your ancestors home area including graveyards, churches, streets, business and anything else you may wish to see that is still standing.  

If a genealogy research visit to Scotland is on your to-do list, contact me and I can assist you to make the most of your ancestral visit. ( I'm looking forward to sharing your genealogical adventures with you!

Come to Scotland. Spend time in the archives. Research your roots. Tour your ancestral
villages, towns, graveyards. Learn the history and culture of your ancestral homeland. Feel more connected, more rooted. Create a memory of a lifetime. Bring a friend or partner along to share the journey.

Non-genealogy partners travel for half price.

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