Sunday, 29 March 2015


All of the genealogy tours tend to sell out at least 7 months ahead of the time they start. However, with the increased interest, this time frame is changing drastically. Although we are still 14 months away from the 2016 tour, there are only 7 spaces left.

Once I get back from Scotland, I will start the conference/talk circuit and anticipate that will spots will be filled before mid summer.

If traveling to Scotland to research your family history, by gaining access to records not available online, is something you are interested in, book now before you lose the opportunity.

Year after year, as I take people to Scotland to research their family history, I hear participants tell me, "as soon as I stepped on Scottish soil, I felt like I was home. I knew I belonged."  There is no greater, more humbling experience than traveling to the land of your ancestors. The feelings of belonging and connection are powerful and make a compelling argument for the idea of memory being passed down through our DNA. 

All of this culminates in an irreducible sense of belonging as you walk the streets they walked, see the houses they lived in, the factories they worked in, the churches they worshiped in. These moments provide a deep sense of affinity for your ancestors. A deep appreciation of their battles and struggles. A sense of pride as they overcame in order to carry on. You come to understand not only their story but also your own history. How you came to be.

Your tour fees include:

· pre-tour preparation package
· pre-tour webinars
· 9 nights accommodation
· 9 breakfasts
· protected research time
· onsite overviews and talks
· 3 full days of research at Scotland's People Centre
· Full day of research at the National Library of Scotland
· Full day of research at the NLS Maps Reading Room
· Daily research fees
· Evening at the Scottish Experience Dinner show
· All ground transportation for research
· Time to visit the area where your ancestors lived (additional travel fees not included)
· Opportunity to visit the local family history society where your ancestors lived

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