Saturday, 6 April 2013

It's National Tartan Day!

It's National Tartan Day. A day for all of the Scots Diaspora to proudly show their colours. Many people think that you must be able to determine the clan or clan sept, (a sept is simply a list of surnames of people who are considered to have the “authority” to wear the clan tartan) associated with a surname in order to wear a specific tartan. In reality, you can wear whatever tartan suits your fancy. No permission is required with the exception of the Balmoral tartan, worn only by the Royal family and with the consent of the Queen. Another exception is a tartan that is specifically identified as being the tartan for the Clan Chief. So, wear your tartan. Wear it proudly and if it gives you a greater sense of belonging to stick with the tartan of your surname, carry on!

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