Thursday, 24 January 2013

Local Archives

Scotland has a long history of preserving both the country’s history and the nation’s memory. Scotland was the first to place searchable, digitized records online and make them available for the Diaspora worldwide who were in search of their Scottish roots.

Most of us are aware of the more commonplace repositories, but few are aware of the treasure trove of information available within local archives or university archives. Here is a listing of some of the more local archives. This is not a compete sampling. Not all of the archives have digitized collections available online, so you may need to contact them via e-mail or traditional mail. All of the sites where a web address has been provided have contact information on them.

Located in Inverness, the Highland Archives have the following records in their holdings: 

*      School records

*      Records of poor relief

*      Valuation rolls

*      Church record

*      Family and estate papers

*      Records of Clan Societies

*      The Tartan Archive (a collection of records relating to the history of tartan)

*      Large scale Ordnance Survey maps dating from the 1860s".

Located on the second floor of the Mitchell Library, the Glasgowarchives have the following holdings:

*      Poor Law Records

*      School Records

*      Police Records

*      Sasine Registers

*      Valuation Rolls

*      Voters Rolls

*      Burgess Rolls

Located in the City Chambers, the Edinburgh City Archives hold: 

*      School Records

*      Poor Board Records

*      Records of EdinburghBrewers Friendly Society

*      Burgh Court Records

*      Poll Tax Records

*      Burgh Records (committees etc)

*      Ex-Councillor Records 

The Stirling Archives have the following records in their holdings: 

*      School Records

*      Council Records

*      Justice of the Peace Records

*      Church Records

*      Customs and Excise Records

*      Sasine Registers

*      Newspapers 

Aberdeen Archives have records for: 

*      Burgh Records

*      County Records

*      Poor Relief Records

*      School Records

*      Militia Records

*      Baptism Records

*      Tax Records

Located in Hawick, the Scottish Borders Archives has a collection unique to the Borders Region. This includes:

*      School log books

*      Poor relief registers

*      Police records

*      Local business records including the textile, fishing and farming industries

*      Land records

*      Kirk Session records

*      Censuses

*      Old parish records

*      Monumental inscriptions  

Fife Council Archives:
Located in Markinch, the Fife Council Archives contain:

*      Commissioners of Supply minute books

*      Statute Labour Road Trustees and Turnpike Trustees records

*      Poor Board Records

*      School Records

*      School log books

*      Some School Admissions Registers

*      Police Records

*      Electoral Registers

*      Records of several hospitals in Fife

*      Burial records

*      Records of the Fife County Nursing Association

Many Ayrshire Archives can be found at the Burns Monument Centre in Kilmarnock

These include: 

*      Census Returns

*      Old Parish Registers

*      Registers of Births, Marriages, Deaths, Divorces, Corrected Entries

*      Wills and Testaments

*      Poor relief records

*      Council records

*      Burial records

*      Monumental inscriptions

*      Ayrshire newspapers


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