Thursday, 31 January 2013

February Family History Writing Challenge

People often ask, “What got you started in genealogy?” My answer is pretty simple. My mum and my gran were the story tellers of the family. They died within 9 months of each other. Once they died, I became obsessed about preserving the family stories, so with the assistance of my tenacious aunt, we set to work gathering information about all of my mum’s siblings (she was a middle child—middle of 20!). We gathered BMD information as well as photos and a biography for each sibling and then I put it all together in a “family book”. That book has become a treasured heirloom with stories of its own. And it has spawned a quarterly family newsletters where stories can still be shared. Because of the joy and sense of connection that these stories provide our family, I am a strong proponent for writing family history. 

In an effort to get people writing their family history stories, Lynn Palermo of Simcoe has an annual challenge. Every February, she provides a different “daily prompt” to get your memory working and get you inspired to write down your family stories. You can sign up for the challenge at:

You will receive an email every day with your daily prompt and some words of advice from Lynn to get you started. I’m committed! Are you?


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