Thursday, 5 April 2012

Titanic Records Now On FindMyPast

Find My Past has launched new record sets for those searching for ancestors who were passengers on the titanic. One record set is the White  Star Line's Officer's Books. These are the official employment records of the commanders and officers onboard. The second set are the maritime BMDs. These, of course, are not limited to the Titanic, but list the BMD records for anyone with a maritime occupation as well as the passengers who died at sea. If you do not have a subscription to FindMyPast, it will cost you 5 credits to view the transcriptions of the BMD records and another 5 to view the image. For the Officer's Books, it will cost 5 credits to view the transcription and 10 credits to view the image. You can purchase 60 credits for £6.95 ($11). These are good for 90 days. You can also purchase 280 credits for £24.95 ($40) and these are good for a year.

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