Friday, 13 April 2012

Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go and Let God

My mum used to say "there are times when you just need to 'Let Go and Let God'" This seems to be one of those times. I had pre-determined that I would be taking a small group to Scotland this spring. All seemed to be set and I was looking forward to getting to Scotland to do my own research, but also to show the group just how much information can be found in the archives in Scotland. I love Scotland and was also looking forward to introducing the group to my homeland. It always seems better to visit a new country if you are with someone who knows about it and can share the "off the beaten path" sights and information.

 Then, just as I thought all was going ahead, I had three people cancel. I certainly understand that life gets in the way. So, I scrambled to fill the now open spots. Extra lectures, webinars, advertising, articles, workshops, mailings and discounts. No takers. I could be frantic. But what good would that do? My week hasn't gone well. I was so distracted yesterday morning, that I drove off and forgot to pay for the gas I had just pumped! That's when I realized I needed to "Let Go and Let God" I need to step back, take a deep breath, cut my losses and look forward to the possibilities.  

We will be a very small, very intimate group. It will have a very different feel. But I am interested to see what this trip has to offer and can only hope that it all works out. After all, I fly out three weeks today!


  1. Some things, you are not in control of, and there's no point in stressing about it! Move on and enjoy the trip - sounds like it will be VERY different from how you imagined - how very interesting indeed! Enjoy. (mom's are always right, by the way.)

  2. If I weren't starting a new job the week after next, I'd be right there on the plane with you and your group. :-(

    1. You can live vicariously. I will be blogging from Scotland after each day at the archives.