Saturday, 3 December 2011

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Ornaments

Ornaments have been a big part of Christmas. Many many years ago, my aunt and I started a tradition of gifting each other with a new ornament every year as an adornment on our gifts to one another. We even managed entire sets over time.

Then, as a fundraiser one year, my mum's friend made ceramic ornaments and everyone bought those.

We have had ornaments for every special occasion

First Christmas Together
New Home

Baby's First Christmas for each of the kids
Even celebrations of the cats and their first Christmas with us

I have always had a pet. I am a dog person, but my husband, not so much. So we have cats. They don't know they are cats because they have been raised like dogs - loving, loyal and attention seeking. Since the cats came along, we haven't had tinsel on the tree so as not to create an unnecessary emergency when the cats chewed the tinsel. But we do want the cats to be part of our tree,

so we always make sure we leave ornaments on the low branches that are safe enough for them to take off.

They haven't really stuck to that rule, however, and every year, we wake up to find an ornament from the upper branches laying on the floor.

When my mum passed away, I inherited her ornaments. They now adorn our tree every year. And the memories along with them.

Of course, we have all of the standard home made ornaments that the kids have made and that we have treasured. Our tree will never make it into a designer magazine. But it tells a story every year and speaks volumes about the special memories of a very special time of year.

Merry Christmas!

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