Thursday, 17 November 2011

New Website About the English Catholic Nuns

A new website has been launched. This is a work in progress, with plans to have readers contribute information, to have books digitized and fully searchable. However, the current database is worth a look. The search fields include First name, Last name, Name in Religion, Convent and year Professed. The records include all of these fields  as well as age when professed, date clothed, place of birth and date of death if known. There are some notes available as well which provide some wonderful social history and or insight into the Nun. For an example, for an Elizabeth Webster, the notes read:

"Had become unsettled by the journey to England and was told by the Prioress that she would have to repeat her noviceship. She appeared to accept this at first, but after 3 months decided to leave. Had been in the habit for four years"

And for one Beatrix Smith, her obituary reads:

"Sister Fedes Beatrice alias Smith departed this Life after having received the Rights of our holy Mother the Church the 28 of August and year of her age 66 & of Religion [...] & year of our Lord 1694. She was of an innocent conversation much adicted to pennance from her Infancy & had a desir to be religious from eight yeares old. She exceld in the vertues of Charity to the poor & in the mortiffication of her appitit. Doctor Meneyl performed the funerall obsiquis the 29 of August. She lyeth Buryed in the quire on the south side. Requiescat in pace."

Other information includes relationship to other girls in the convent (ie: cousins, sisters), any titles that the family may have possessed (Lord, Lady), a family tree if it is available.

Well worth a look for those with English Catholic ancestors who were Nuns.

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