Wednesday, 24 April 2019


I will be the instructor for the Scottish course at this year's British Institute in Salt Lake City in October. If any of you are interested in attending the British Institute, either for my course or for one of the other three courses, and wished to stay a few days longer to continue your research in the FHL I would be happy to see if the hotel would be willing to extend the British Institute rate for a few extra days to allow that to happen. The rate is the cheapest anywhere in Salt Lake at just $98us per night (Salt Plaza Hotel).

If you are wondering what resources are available in terms of research at the FHL, this webinar might be helpful to you:
British Research at the Family History Library
For those not familiar with Institutes, these are week long courses. They provide in depth learning opportunities in the country/record set of interest in conjunction with hands on research. For the British Institute, the learning takes place in the morning and then the research is in the afternoon with most evenings extending until 9 pm. The FHL closes at 5 on Mondays, so the British Institute has their banquet that night. The FHL remains open until 9 for the rest of the week, allowing for extended research time. 
Here is a look at what we will be covering in the Scottish course at this year's British Institute
Overview of the Scottish Course at British Institute 2019
For more information or to register:

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