Saturday, 11 August 2018

Celtic Connections Conference

I am delighted to be part of the roster of speakers at this year's Celtic Connections Conference in Boston. The conference is organized by TIARA and while primarily focused on Irish research, also provides learning opportunities for researchers who have Scottish or Welsh ancestry. 

The day started yesterday with a continental breakfast. Then it was on to the talks that were on offer. Lunch allowed people to gather to reflect on their learning, share research findings or talk about their heritage. We had wonderful entertainment to energize us for the afternoon. 

Friday evening was the banquet. Dinner was wonderful and full of conversation about the day. Many new resources for finding ancestors had been discovered during the day's talks. 

Our after dinner entertainment was just fantastic. It reminded me of a good old fashioned Cape Breton Ceilidh. Perhaps the best part was the fun that the singers were having. Their joy was infectious. 

After the banquet, some of the speakers collected in the hotel bar for conversation, collaboration and to connect. 

Congratulations to TIARA and the Conference Committee for a job well done. 

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