Sunday, 1 July 2018


Princess Cruise Lines has announced their Sip and Sail program, which goes through Sep 5th, for all those who have booked a balcony cabin or above. This program gives cruisers booked in balcony categories or above a free beverage package. The beverage package includes juices, soda, milk shakes, specialty coffees and liquor (up to $12 per drink and up to 12 drinks per day) for free (including the taxes). Basically, any drink they would have charged you for onboard.

If you have any friends interested in joining you on this cruise, this is a great time to book a balcony level or above cabin. There is a cost savings of $68.99 per person / per day for this drink package. That adds up to $828 for the 12 days of the cruise. 


Just in time for both Canada Day and the 4th of July, Discounted Deposits are back. This allows you to book your cabin for just $100 usd. Treat yourself to a trip of a lifetime. Visit your ancestral homeland by sea, just like your ancestors did. Immerse yourself in Celtic Culture. And revel in the deep and rich history of your Scottish and/or Irish heritage.

The discounted deposit runs from July 1-7 and can be used in conjunction with the FREE drinks package if you book a balcony or higher level cabin. 

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