Monday, 30 January 2017

RootsTech is Next Week! Wait! WHAT?

One week today I will be flying out to Salt Lake City to enjoy all that RootsTech has to offer. The camaraderie, the learning, the networking, the researching, the food, the shopping and yes, even the chaos. 

Although the planning has been in the works for sometime, suddenly it seems surreal that the time is actually here. NOW. I've been making my list for some time, but now I need to check it twice and make sure everything is ready for next Monday - bright and early. 

  1. Valid Passport - ⇃
  2. E-ticket - ⇃
  3. Hotel Reservation information ⇃
  4. Presentation ⇃
  5. Lots of Goodies to hand out in the Expo Hall ⇃
  6. RIBBONS ⇃
  7. Packing Cubes ready to be filled ⇃
  8. App downloaded ⇃
  9. Schedule - besides go, go and GO! this one is a bit fluid
  10. Tartan - being shipped - fingers crossed
  11. Chargers, cords, camera and cards ⇃
  12. Flexibility and a sense of adventure ⇃⇃⇃
As an Ambassador, I will be blogging from RootsTech and look forward to sharing the frenzy of the week with you. 

First up will be to meet up with my twin genealogy sister and head to the hotel to await the rest of our roommates. Monday night is our annual Commonwealth Dinner, organized by Jill Ball. Can't wait to see everyone! 

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