Monday, 9 November 2015

Tracking Your Scots Emigrant Ancestor Webinar

On Tuesday, December 1, I will be hosting a webinar on Tracking Your Scots Emigrant Ancestor. This webinar will look at 

In this webinar you will learn about the importance of Understanding Emigration in the Historical Context of Scotland, the  Passenger Vessels Acts of 1803 & 1842, the role of Colonial Societies, and bothOnline and Offline resources for tracking Your Scots Emigrant Ancestor.

For so many of us, all we know about our Scottish ancestor is that they were "From Scotland." The puzzle then becomes to find out where in Scotlandand what it was that brought them to North America. To do this, it becomes important to understand emigration from Scotland in terms of the historical context of the country at the time that your ancestor left.

From the early 1600s, Scots began their emigration to the new world. Initially this entailed the New England States and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. From there, many migrated west or over the border between the two countries. If your Scots ancestors were among the early immigrants from Scotland, this lecture will assist you in learning more about them and what it was that brought them to the new world.

In this session you will learn about:

*      Understanding Emigration in the Historical Context of Scotland
*      Online Emigration Databases including Covenanter indices, Jacobite rebellion & Prison ship lists, Selkirk Settler ship lists, re-created ship lists
*      Passenger Vessels Acts of 1803 & 1842
*      Colonial Societies
*      Offline Resources

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