Monday, 24 August 2015

Second Tour for 2016 is Filling Fast

Our Genealogy Research Tour for May 2016 sold out almost a year in advance.

A second tour for Sept 2016 has been added. But this second tour is filling quickly. 

Is traveling to Scotland to research your family history on your bucket list?
As any family history researcher will tell you, there is great excitement when you find your ancestor in a document. Tangible verification of their existence. And there is a sense of wonder when you see their signature. It is almost as if you could reach out and touch them.

Multiply that by infinity when you walk the streets they walked, see the houses they lived in, the factories they worked in, the churches they worshiped in. Feel the deep and lasting connection to them as you stand at their gravesite.

These moments provide a deep sense of affinity for your ancestors. A deep appreciation of their battles and struggles. A sense of pride as they overcame in order to carry on.
All of this culminates in an irreducible sense of belonging as you come to understand not only their story but also your own history. How you came to be.

If you are ready to experience a sense of being whole, connected, belonging to your Scottish ancestors, join us on our next Genealogy Tour in Sept 2016.

This tour is filling fast and, although still more than a year away, is already 30% full. Don't miss out. Book now at:

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