Thursday, 13 March 2014

Second Tour Added for 2014

A second genealogy research tour has been added for 2014 for those who don't wish to wait until the spring.

The dates are of the tour are December 1 - 10. If you arrive a couple of days early, you can take in St Andrew's Day festivities. By this time, Princes St Gardens will also have been transformed into a Winter Wonderland complete with a skating rink and carousel. And St. Andrews Square will also take centre stage with a carousel and ferris wheel.

All of the main tourist attractions are open year round, with altered opening hours from the summer months, so you can still take in the museums and historical sites that you have been wanting to see.

The format of the tour itinerary will remain the same, including time to travel to the area of Scotland where your ancestors lived, or to take in the sights, sounds and festivities of Edinburgh in all of its Christmas splendor.

If you would like to join us in Edinburgh to research your family history onsite, and gain access to records not available online, visit the website at:
to reserve your place on the tour.

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