Sunday, 14 October 2012

Family Ephemera

I might have to marry my cousin! I received some pictures from him this morning. He received a CD with over 200 photos from an estranged cousin in Scotland. The cousin in Scotland was the inheritor of all of the family photos and papers. Family History is totally alien to him, as in fact are most family ties. The rest of us were all of the belief that whatever treasures had remained were now lost to us. Fortunately he has had a change of heart and at the very least has scanned and passed the items on.
Among the pictures was this treasure - my paternal grandmother's certificate of merit for school. She was 13 and the certificate is dated 1902. I love that it says "I certify that Maggie Haddow's character and conduct have been entirely satisfactory" She went on to be a teacher!

 Maggie, aged 21. By now she was a teacher

The school Maggie attended and later taught at

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