Sunday, 9 September 2012

Grandparents Day – Granny Crawford

My grandfather, Harry, sired 21 children. An amazing legacy for any man. My gran mothered all of them. She loved them, took pride in them and missed them when they weren't around. She was adored, loved and admired in return. Perhaps Harry's greatest legacy to his descendants was the woman he chose to mother them.

Gran never had a lot of materials in her life. Her wealth was in her children.  She was a bright and active woman, a good mother, a good neighbour and a loyal friend.  Granny had a wonderful sense of humour, a quick wit and a brilliant smile. She was the type of woman whose children and grandchildren craved spending time with. At night she would be surrounded by her kids, listening to their stories and relating her own. 

My Gran loved family life. She enjoyed a good waltz as well as a good sing song. One of her favourite things to do in Canada was have a sing song with my dad (her son in law) playing the mouth organ as her accompanist! And she loved a good game of cards. All of her grandchildren grew up being the only ones in their world who knew how to play "stop the bus."

Granny enjoyed many, many visits to Canada, and our home became hers when she was here. She initially came for three weeks at a time. That quickly expanded to 6 weeks. Then three months. Her last two visits were for six months each. Oh what I would give to sit at her feet one more time and listen to her stories. Except this time, I would write them  down!!

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