Saturday, 28 July 2012

Jewish Genealogy in Scotland

The main source for Jewish genealogy records in Scotland is the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre in Glasgow’s Garnethill Synagogue. The Archives Centre has a number of resources specifically for tracing Jewish family history in Scotland, including:

• A computer database which cross-references over 70 sources, such as: cemetery records, synagogue registers, naturalisations, charity subscription lists and school admission registers. This database contains records over 38,000 Jews in Scotland

• The records of the 17 Jewish cemeteries in Scotland

• Synagogue registers of births, marriages and deaths and copies of some circumcision registers

Glasgow Jewish newspapers

• Records of congregations, social, welfare and cultural groups, youth groups etc.

• A collection of records relating to Jewish refugees from the Nazis in the 1930s who fled to Scotland, as well as Holocaust survivors

You can contact the Archives Centre at:
Scottish Jewish Archives Centre
Garnethill Synagogue
129 Hill Street
G3 6UB

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