Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Descended from the Isle of Lewis?

Enjoy this brilliant slide show from RampantScotland:


  1. looking for Morrison's who emigrated from Scotland to Cape Breton , Nova Scotia : 19th century . My Great grandfather was an "Alexander Morrison". My Grandfather was "Christopher Archie Morrison " DOB June 20th , 1888 - Born in Corner Brook , Newfoundland , Canada.

  2. Hi, Alexander is my great-great grandfather! I have a little info if you want to talk! My email address is dmullett@hotmail.com :)

  3. Looking for members of the Lewis family that trace back to the Isle of Lewis. Evan Lewis, son of Edward Lewis, arrived in Pennsylvania (United States) in 1682. They were living in Narbeth, Wales. I am having difficulty finding information from when they lived in Wales and this Lewis Family supposedly left came from The Isle of Lewis before living in Wales. Any suggestions that would help me find any records from Wales and the Isle of Lewis. Tim Lewis