Saturday, 23 July 2011

Record of Corrected Entries (RCE)

Sometimes when you download a document from Scotland's People, you will see a notation in the left margin:

William died July 16th 1935. This death record gives his cause of death as "burns 3 days; shock". My first question is what caused his burns (the three days tells me the burn occured three days prior to death.) In the margin - red circled area - it tells me that there was a corrected entry made to this document on October 14, 1935. Now I need to go looking for the corrected entry. So, I go back to the page that allows me to download and view the original image:

 At the top,  you will see a red button that says: "View RCE" This will cost you another 2 credits (mine shows I have already paid these credits). Click on that button, pay the two credits and you will get a new document:

This record tells me that his cause of death is "by verdict of Jury" I now need to go to the local parish and see if  I can get a copy of the coroner's report. I also want to check local newspapers to see if I can find any articles related to whatever accident Wm may have suffered. Lots more work to do, but this is where the sleuthing and the thrill of the hunt comes in!

Happy Hunting!

ps: William died of a steam burn. He went to check on a valve and someone had tampered with it, making it open full throttle, causing him a severe steam burn and causing his body to go into shock and with the pain, shock and dehydration, William died after suffering a slow, agonizing death.

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