Tour Itinerary

Day 1: The tour begins today. Today is a bank holiday. Banks, post offices and other government buildings will be closed. The afternoon will be free time to enjoy the city, take a city tour, or to rest after the long flight and 5 hour time change. 

Day 2: Following breakfast, we will be taken to Scotland’s People Centre. Here we will enjoy a Family History Event, which is not only an introduction to the facility but a workshop on Scottish Research as well. Coffee and tea will be provided during this event, which will run the entire morning. You are free to research all afternoon.

Day 3: Following breakfast, we will return to Scotlands People Centre for a full day of research. 

Day 4: Following breakfast, we will return to Scotland’s People Centre for a full day of research.

Day 5:  Following breakfast, we will be taken to the National Library. Here we will be shown a presentation on what the Library has to offer then given a quick tour. You will require a temporary library card in order to research here.

The weekend is open for anyone wishing to travel or sightsee. 

Day 8: Arrangements can be made for you to attend the genealogy society in the area where your ancestors lived to provide you with the social history details you won't necessarily get elsewhere. If this is at a distance, you might want to also spend the weekend in the area to gain a better sense of who your ancestors were and then attend the local genealogy society on the Monday prior to your return to Edinburgh. 

Day 9: Following breakfast, we will head to the Scottish Genealogy Society. Here, we will take part in a Family History event to learn about moving forward in our Scottish research. The evening will be spent at the Taste of Scotland Show

Day 10: Following breakfast, we will check out of the hotel so you can transfer back to Glasgow airport.